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XiMaLong electric toothbrush

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Custom case

Electric toothbrush gift customization / OEM has been provided for many well-known brands

Custom cooperation process

Make XiMaLong your reliable electric toothbrush partner

  • 1.Preliminary communication

    Demand: product requirements, order quantity, delivery
    Capacity: strength, capacity, quality, price

  • 2.Formulation of cooperation

    Requirements: appearance, structure, function, material
    Agreements: commercial terms, lead times, acceptance criteria, etc.

  • 3.ODM solution

    Exterior design (15 days), structural design (20 days),
    Motherboard solution design (25 days), function development (25 days)

  • 4.Proofing

    T0 test mold, T1 sample and function test

  • 5.Sample production

    Small batch trial production (20 days)
    · try out
    · Mass production (45 days)

  • 6.Quality inspection

    1. Finished product inspection 2. Reliability test
    3. Overall inspection 4. Sampling inspection

  • 7.Settlement shipment

    Customer Inspection> Payment Payment> Delivery

  • Hotline : 400-763-6166

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Products exported worldwide

The factory has passed "ISO9001", "SGS" and other certifications, and the products have passed a number of international certifications and domestic CMA quality inspection certifications Bring more professional services and more competitive products, let consumers experience the changes brought about by innovation

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