Cooperation Process

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OEM Cooperation Process

Faster and better in one stop, save money and worry

  • 01/advisory

    Model selection, sample design, designated picture / LOGO
    color customization, OEM needs to communicate

  • 02/sign a contract

    Requirements: function, material, technology
    Agreement: commercial terms, delivery date, acceptance criteria

  • 03/Sample production

    Production samples within 7 days
    Efficient mass production within 45 days Delivery orders on schedule

  • 04/Quality inspection

    1. Finished product inspection     3. Overall inspection
    2. Reliability test  4.Sampling test

  • 05/Payment and delivery

    1. Customer inspection
    2. Payment of payment
    3. Delivery

ODM Cooperation Process

Oral medical brand ODM service capabilities

  • 1.Preliminary communication

    Demand: product requirements, order quantity, delivery time
    Capabilities: strength, capacity, quality, price

  • 2.Formulation of cooperation

    Requirements: appearance, structure, function, material

  • 3.ODM solution

    Exterior design (15 days), structural design (20 days),
    motherboard design (25 days), function development (25 days)

  • 4.Proofing

    Requirements: appearance, structure, function, material

  • 5.Sample production

    Requirements: appearance, structure, function, material

  • 6.Quality inspection

    1. Finished product inspection
    2. Reliability test
    3. Overall inspection
    4. Sampling inspection

  • 7.Settlement shipment

    Customer Inspection> Payment Payment> Delivery

Authorized agent process

Operation experience in mature markets, helping customers sell products

  • Join Application
  • Qualification audit
  • Inspection and negotiation
  • Signing cooperation
  • Practical training

Hotline : 400-763-6166

Channel cooperation process

Gift customization, spot wholesale, factory direct supply for one piece

  • Communication
    cooperation method

  • Confirmation of
    Policy Terms

  • Sign
    cooperation contract

  • Order
    Production and distribution

  • After sales
    Service guarantee


Hotline : 400-763-6166