ximalongU2 Girl Series High Value Affordable Electric Toothbrush!

2020-01-08 18:11:32 0

Many people now use electric toothbrushes, mainly because they are clean, especially for the Yellow Tooth Party ~ electric toothbrushes can brush away the stains left by milk tea, coffee, etc., super easy to use!

One of my classmates is a dentist, and it was shocking to see her treat her guests' teeth. I saw that my brain hurts! So please pay attention to oral care!

For the first time in my life, I was crying by an electric toothbrush. Ximalong U2 was too cute. It was pink and tender. It was placed on the sink.


In addition to the beauty value, it is also because of its cleaning power. Compared with a manual toothbrush, the cleaning effect need not be said. The cleaning power is so strong because it is sonic vibration, which vibrates 37,200 times per minute! How fast can it be hundreds of times? And the amplitude is too large to hurt your teeth!


But I don’t have to worry about tooth injury when I finish this. My gums are very sensitive and I rarely brush bleeding. Its soft and hard DuPont bristles will not hurt my gums.

It also has 5 effects with different functions!

The clean mode is suitable for babies with cavities and dirty teeth ~ whitening mode white

The strongest vibration is my favorite. This mode is very clean after brushing your teeth! It works better with whitening toothpaste.

Those who have the softest vibrations and usually have bleeding gums must use this mode ~ It is still very good for preventing gum bleeding ~


The method of brushing is also very important. The method is wrong, it is easy to brush or wedge-shaped defects, so I will share with you the correct brushing method she taught me, get it up quickly

Upper teeth: Brush down the teeth.

Lower teeth: Brush down the teeth.

Inside: Rotate up and down along the lower gap.

Occlusal surface (chewing teeth): Brush back and forth.

Each action is repeated three times. The entire brushing process is recommended for 2-3 minutes.