ximalong electric toothbrush specially designed for Chinese people-essential artifact for lazy people

2020-01-08 18:46:49 0

More than 200 years have passed since the first modern toothbrush was invented by the British William Ellis in the late eighteenth century. In the past 200 years, mankind has experienced three technological revolutions, and countless inventions have made life more convenient and comfortable.

With the rise of the "Internet of Things" concept today, perhaps the appliances in your home are all intelligent, and you only need to press your phone or even voice control to provide you with thoughtful services. However, every morning you stand in front of the bathroom mirror, how does the toothbrush in your hand look like 200 years ago?

Toothbrushes are of course constantly evolving. The emerging electric toothbrush in recent years has set off a revolution in the field of oral health in foreign countries. Studies have shown that most oral diseases are caused by plaque formed early in the teeth and brushing your teeth every morning and night can maintain oral hygiene, but essentially you can have healthy and beautiful teeth by removing plaque in the mouth.

So, today I recommend to you a low-key luxurious and beautifully controlled sonic electric toothbrush: ximalongU2, brush clean, white, and tone bye bye.


XimalongU2 electric toothbrush adopts diamond cut surface, which is quite powerful. It has a built-in true magnetic levitation acoustic motor, and the vibration frequency can reach 37200 times / minute.

When brushing, the toothbrush will instantly mix toothpaste and water to produce rich foam, which will maintain a strong power even when rubbing against the teeth, and will effectively clean the gaps between the teeth with the vibration of the brush head up and down, removing the residue and letting you say goodbye to blindness Brush, automatic brushing out "Pasteur brushing method".

2min automatic timing and 30s partition reminder function, better protect teeth and oral health, improve happiness when brushing teeth.


In terms of details, ximalongU2 electric toothbrush adopts IPX7 class full body waterproof design, even when showering and bathing, it can be used for brushing ~ standard 4 brush heads.

The bristles are made of DuPont bristles imported from the United States. The thickness is combined with softness and hardness. The tail is rounded. The head of each bristle is approximately hemispherical, which can better protect the gums.

In addition, compared to 80% of the battery life of electric toothbrushes on the market, the battery life is about 25-30 days. The ximalongU2 electric toothbrush is just like an on-hook battery. It can be charged for 6 hours and can last 100 days. Not at all.