Recommended Affordable High Value Aesthetic Design Electric Toothbrush

2020-01-08 18:49:19 0

Many people visit the dentist regularly. Nor is there something wrong with the teeth. Instead, I feel that I should be checked regularly by a dentist to be assured. If you do something wrong, you can correct it as soon as possible.

Usually the dentist will tell us that our current brushing method is wrong. If you brush it twice a day like this, your teeth will be empty.

However, he teaches us the correct method of brushing teeth, which requires multiple steps, which is very troublesome and takes a long time. How can most people have such great patience?

The Cimaron electric toothbrush U2 recommended today, an electric toothbrush that is easy to use online and has a good solution to this problem.


It has 5 brushing modes: clean mode (Clean function), whitening mode (White function), mouthwash mode (Refresh function), sensitive mode (Sensitive function), and care mode (Gum Care function). You can choose the appropriate mode according to your needs, intelligent customization in 2 minutes, 30s zone change reminder can effectively save brushing time, truly make brushing intelligent, 6 hours on a charge, can be used for 2-3 months After brushing, it can be rinsed in water. Diamond design, five colors to choose from, filled with girly atmosphere.

For girls who are concerned about the face value, this toothbrush is really a good value and practical good thing.