The truth is out! For 20 years, dentists in the top three hospitals have said that electric toothbrushes are cleaner than ordinary toothbrushes.

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When I laugh, I have white teeth that can be said to be super charming, but in reality many people are still beaten by yellow and yellow teeth and brush their teeth every day, but why are the teeth still yellow and yellow?

According to a survey, 89% of people brush their teeth for less than three minutes and do not rinse their mouths after meals, leaving food residues in their mouths. The formation of dental calculus for a long time will not only bring bad breath, but also breed bacteria. The bacteria willfully act in the mouth, domineering, bullying your gums and destroying your oral environment to destroy your teeth!

Once the calculus is formed, the best solution is to wash the teeth, but the side effects of washing the teeth are also very large. Not only is the price expensive, the hot and cold pain after washing, but also hurts the enamel ...

Therefore, in addition to washing your teeth, Xiaobian recommends that the best way to prevent calculus is to brush your teeth normally! A good assistive tool can do more with less!

When brushing with ordinary toothbrushes, it is often difficult for us to control the strength and direction. The international standard Pap brushing method is difficult for ordinary people to fully grasp, and the cleaning efficiency will be reduced.

The sonic electric toothbrush heads that are very popular now are basically smaller than ordinary toothbrushes. In some areas that are difficult to clean, such as big teeth and wisdom teeth, the electric toothbrush will clean better. Everyone says, "Electric toothbrushes do brush cleaner."


But most people think that electric toothbrushes are expensive, and they need to change their brush heads every once in a while. Buying one is enough to buy dozens of better ordinary toothbrushes.

But if I say that there is such an electric toothbrush that is easy to use for fouling, it is cheaper than ordinary toothbrushes. The student party can buy it, which is comparable to the same function of a thousand yuan. It also gives 4 brush heads. ?

Today for everyone, especially Amway this young man loves to use:

XimalongZR505 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

ZR 505粉色SKU

Recommended reason:

1. Imported bristles + scientific design = keep away from oral dirt

2. Sonic descaling, more clean teeth

3. a variety of optional, super multi-mode, super long battery life

4. The face value is always online, and the price is super high

The sonic electric toothbrush has been scientifically improved on the disadvantages of ordinary bristles. Considering softness and cleanliness, the bristles use thin bristles specially designed for the Asian oral cavity. The slim brush head design makes it more suitable for the tooth surface. It can better penetrate into the gingival sulcus that ordinary bristles cannot reach, and can clean the gingival sulcus more gently and effectively than ordinary toothbrushes.

The gap between ordinary toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes is like the distance between a bicycle and a car. According to research data, the frequency of ordinary toothbrushes is 200 / min, while the maximum frequency of sonic electric toothbrushes can reach 30,000 ~ 40,000 + / min.


When the frequency is vibrating, ximalongZR505 can also generate sonic vibrations to make the toothpaste form air bubbles, which penetrate into places where the bristles are difficult to clean, such as tooth gaps and gum lines. The sound waves will drive the water flow at the same time, and then bring out the plaque bacteria and other bacteria in the gaps between the teeth.

In addition, this sonic cleaning can also regulate the meridians, regulate the circulation of qi and blood to the optimal state of the tissue, reduce the symptoms of gum swelling, bleeding, and clean the teeth. After one month of continuous use, you can find that the cleaning effect is obvious

You can choose the electric toothbrush that suits you best according to your needs. This electric toothbrush has amazing battery life. It can be used continuously for 3 months on a single charge. It is definitely a gospel for lazy people! I'm no longer afraid of a sudden power outage on a business trip.

The most important needs of young people are high-value, and they will be happy every day. The electric toothbrush can be said to have full face value, and the fresh color is very high-end and durable. And its noise is also very small, less than 60 decibels, which is equivalent to the ambient sound of a quiet conversation. It is not afraid to harass your family and roommates. hold on.


Most importantly, this sonic electric toothbrush is only a hundred yuan price! It can be said that the cost performance is very high, it is super suitable for the student party. If you change the brush head every three months, you can use it for a full year. Grandma), all decent!