An electric toothbrush with the same quality and quality as Philips, several times cheaper, do you know?

2020-01-08 18:55:14 0

I saw some people in the Q & A before. There are three kinds of objects that can best improve the quality of life. They are: kindle, vacuum cleaner and electric toothbrush.

Abroad, electric toothbrushes are used in about half of homes, and electric toothbrushes have long become a common lifestyle product. In China, it is less than 5%. Basically, if you have toothache and oral disease, you just want to go to the hospital for outpatient treatment.

The price of most electric toothbrushes on the market varies widely, from hundreds to thousands often. Well-known well-known brands are just one or two. The price is expensive, it is cost-effective to buy, and it is not easy to use.

ximalong ZR501 electric toothbrush, use it for a year, only 2 minutes each time, after brushing, lick a circle of incisors with your mouth, smooth, very clean, just like the teeth just washed.


After a year of absence, this electric toothbrush has launched a new product, which not only has a higher face value, but also made many improvements in the user experience. That is to say this sonic electric toothbrush U2.


Warm reminder: This electric toothbrush is suitable for groups of about 14 years old!

It has a temperament of a thousand yuan electric toothbrush at a fair market price of less than a few hundred yuan.

Why is Cimaron electric toothbrush so fancy? This also needs to be comprehensively described from ximalong, processing technology, actual effects, and use value.

Product effect is good

On the market, most electric toothbrushes vibrate at 31,000 rpm, and this U2 vibrates at least 32640 times per minute and reaches a maximum of 37200 times, which is equal to 600 manual tooth decay every second. During the entire application process, the electric toothbrush will instantly mix whitening toothpaste and water, resulting in colorful foam plastic. The ximalong sonic electric toothbrush can cause flowing water according to vibration, and also clean the gap of the incisors very neatly. How about electric toothbrush and toothbrush depends on the bristles. XimalongU2 sonic electric toothbrushes are made of DuPont high-density bristles, which are soft and powerful; each diameter is only 0.152mm, and all are semi-circular brush heads without diamond corners. They are very gentle to brush.


High value

Each electric toothbrush is equipped with 4 brush heads.

The handle has a diamond cut design, which not only adds beauty but also is not easy to slip.

The toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof as a whole. It can be rinsed and cleaned directly under the tap after brushing.

Ximalong electric toothbrushes are set in 5 ways to meet everyone's different needs:


Calculated based on the frequency of tooth decay twice per person per day, a full charge guarantees continuous application for 100 days! (For long-term travel, there is basically no need to bring a charger).


The overall design is very simple, with only one button, the operation is very simple

After using ximalong, the clean feeling will make you feel refreshed every day ~

Remember to change your brush head every March.