Comparison and evaluation of 12 electric toothbrushes

2020-01-08 18:57:08 0

If you want to ask what is the hottest this year, it's vibrato. There are almost no people who don't play vibrato. Vibrato has brought some fun to everyone, and it has also made some people. Among them, electric toothbrushes are heated by vibrato. There are many types of electric toothbrushes. Below is a list of 12 common electric toothbrushes for comparison. Let's see which electric toothbrush is better?


1. See the noise comparison at startup

Because noise represents whether a technology is advanced, how about the strength of the factory? According to the following data, it can be seen that the noise of Yuedai and Cimarron is relatively small at 48.8 dB and 52.6 dB, respectively, and the maximum noise of Ulike and Borui is 69.2 dB and 74.8 dB, respectively.


2. Look at the vibration amplitude of the brush head

The bigger the bristles splash in the water, the greater the frequency of bristles vibrations, the better the cleaning power. From the picture, we can see that the Yueshui, Cimarron, and Philips brand water sprays have better effects.


3. See the comparison of some product parameters

Judging from the price and the number of brush heads given, it is more cost-effective to choose Yue Dai 103, Platinum Rui BR-X1, and Dorhill D5.

From the perspective of the warranty period, the choice of 2 years is more guaranteed, including Cima Long, Philips, Oral B, Yue Dai, and Borui.

From the perspective of the dental cleaning mode, the more modes are suitable for more people, you can choose 5 and 12 types, namely cimarone 505, cimarone U2, platinum Rui BR-X1, and Dorhill D5.


Judging from the battery life, the longest battery life of the Cimarron and Yuedai brands reaches 90 days, and the shortest is Oral B only 5 days.


By comparing these aspects, Cima Long, Yue Dai, and Philips are all good choices.