Professional one-stop OEM & ODM for electric toothbrush manufacturers
Product functions can be freely selected, please contact us for details.
  • Super battery life

    Charging for 6 hours and 100 days

  • Powerful performance

    Magnetically levitated movement with zero loss conduction

  • Smart experience

    5 modes of smart reminders to develop good habits

  • IPX7 waterproof

    High-level waterproofing in the field of home appliances

  • Top brush head bristles

    Food grade PP material process is safe and reliable

  • High-end craft quality

    One-piece seamless body product protection

Cooperation Case

Electric toothbrush gift customization / OEM has been provided for many well-known brands

Business Scope
  • General customization

    LOGO customization
    Color customization
    Fast delivery

  • Sample OEM

    Streamline production
    Comprehensive quality control
    Specialized after sales

  • ODM development

    Appearance / Structure Design
    Software and hardware development
    Overall solution

  • Channel Authorized

    E-commerce platform authorization
    Gift bulk customization
    Brand Affiliate Agent
    Enterprise Channel Purchasing

Electric toothbrush one-stop OEM / ODM


5 reasons to choose us

Meet your customization needs in less time and at lower costs

  • More than 10 years of R & D and design capabilities
    More than 20 models and dozens of colors

    Appearance structure, software functions, material motors, motherboard solutions, one-stop R & D and design capabilities, multiple patented core technologies, nearly 20 full-process R & D talents, and provide OEM & ODM full-custom customization services.

  • 500,000 pieces / monthly production and delivery capacity
    OEM customization can be completed in 3 days and shipped in 7 days

    1500㎡ modern factory building, standard production capacity of 500,000 pieces / month, 5 flexible production lines, which can expand 50% of production capacity for urgent orders and large orders. Combining stock and own transport vehicles and logistics cooperation, 100% of orders are delivered on schedule.

  • 2 price competitive advantages
    Lower raw material cost, super high cost performance

    Lower raw material costs based on supply marketing channels and long-term raw material suppliers; combined with the direct supply model of advanced technology and process manufacturers, fully benefiting partners, high-quality and low-price, ultra-high cost-effective product supply.

  • 100% quality control advantage
    30 product testing procedures, nearly 10 professional certifications

    High-quality suppliers are preferred. All raw materials are accepted for testing. The products have undergone more than 30 testing items. CE, RoHS, IPX7, FDA and other nearly 10 professional certifications ensure 100% qualified quality to win customer satisfaction.

  • 1V1 project tracking service, in time response to customers

    We have a dedicated person for each customer to track, report progress in time, respond to problem in time, fast delivery, and follow-up after-sales service. If the product has quality problems, we promise to return it within 7 days.

4 major project cooperation processes
  • 01/advisory

    Cash model selection, drawings and samples, designated pictures / LOGO, color customization, OEM requirements communication

  • 02/sign a contract

    Requirements: function, material, technology
    Agreement: commercial terms, delivery date, acceptance criteria

  • 03/Sample production

    Proof in 7 days
    Mass production within 45 days

  • 04/Quality inspection

    1. Finished product inspection 3. Overall inspection
    2. Reliable test 4. Sampling test

  • 05/Payment and delivery

    1.Customer inspection


Shenzhen Ximalong Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development, production and sales of electric toothbrushes. It is the world's leading comprehensive service provider of electric toothbrushes. It specializes in electric toothbrush OEM / ODM processing. With 10 years of professional manufacturing experience, it is a global brand and channel for electric toothbrushes. To provide one-stop OEM / ODM cooperation solutions. The product's own patents have passed FCC, CE, ROHS, FDA certification. XiMaLong is committed to doing every innovation, every product, every service, creating market value for customers, and achieving win-win situation with customers.

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