ximalong Sonic Electric Toothbrush U2 Limited Diamond Powder combines beauty and functionality in one!

2020-01-08 19:01:53 0

Electric toothbrush, ximalong sonic electric toothbrush U2 limited diamond powder. There are too many brands of electric toothbrushes on the market, its appearance sucks bow | very pink and very few girls and the price is not expensive.


It is really a toothbrush that can capture the heart of a girl. It is completely girl powder! If you are pink, you must start with this toothbrush. And the overall and texture of the toothbrush are very good and not cheap. Feels good and weighty.

The standard configuration of the toothbrush has 4 brush heads (no copper and care) and the charging cable. When it comes to charging, I have to say it is very suitable for lazy


This toothbrush only charges once every 3 months!! The toothbrush has a total of five modes: Clean mode White, White mode, Refresh mode, Sensitive mode, Gum Care mode.


Clean mode is mainly for daily cleanliness (strongest vibration) Whitening mode White is mainly for removing stains from teeth (second strong vibration)


I think this is completely enough for you. When you first use it, you may not be used to it. You can gradually feel that your teeth are cleaner than before, and you will like to brush your teeth better than before. Hahahahaha. Buy this toothbrush with a cost-effective little fairy! The function can meet daily needs, this entry-level electric toothbrush is completely OK.